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Commercial Law

Commercial Law is a complex and multifaceted sector of our legal system.

Our Law Firm deals in specific aspects of Commercial Law, and in particular:

Corporate Law

A comprehensive resolution of issues that arise during the establishment, operation and dissolution of businesses of any corporate form. The legal counsel we provide is essential to the smooth operation of a company, and it prevents the emergence of issues between partners-shareholders, and of problems between the company and its employees or clients.

Competition Law

Both Free Competition Law and Unfair Competition Law aim toward proper market operation. Our Law Firm has clients that are businesses active in the Greek market for years, and consequently we are very familiar with this specific area of Commercial Law.

Intellectual and Industrial Property Law

Intellectual and industrial property rights require immediate protection. We can safeguard your rights in the best possible way.

Securities Law

Checks and bills of exchange are forms of payment that are used almost exclusively in everyday trading. But when they are not covered on the specified date, problems arise that require court proceedings to secure collection.

Bankruptcy Law - Law on Reorganization

Handling of issues that arise already from the pro-bankruptcy processes of reorganization (articles 99 et seq. of the Bankruptcy Code) and special administration of Greek Law 4307/2014, as well as from the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings until their conclusion.

Consumer Protection Law

Consumers are not defenseless. On the contrary, there is a statutory framework for their protection, on which we can provide comprehensive and accurate information.

Capital Market Law

The provision of investment services and market abuse are the areas within this branch of commercial law that our firm works on.

Banking Law

We undertake disputes that arise from banking contracts, as well as current issues (loans in Swiss francs, overdue loans) which fall within the scope of banking law.